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Enigmo: Explore 0

Enigmo: Explore

Me and Chance Ivey wrote a bit about the development/release of the recently-released Team Chaos zen-inducing physics puzzler, Enigmo: Explore, on game industry site Gamasutra. When given the opportunity to work on the Enigmo franchise, we all had a small moment of personal joy, as the game has always been special to us. I recall Enigmo being my very first phone game purchase, and how much it reminded me of an extremely important game from my childhood – The Incredible Machine. With simple controls and goals, both puzzle and dexterity elements to each level, I loved everything about this game. There’s something magical about those...

Starhawk 3


The game I’ve been working on as a designer for the last couple of years was announced last night; the game is Starhawk. The official site is at www.starhawkthegame.com and there are some good screen shots and videos there. Basically, though, we have a giant transforming robot. And here are some more screen shots for good measure:

The Systemic Integrity of Expression 5

The Systemic Integrity of Expression

I receive strange looks when I tell people that I think Alpha Protocol was a better game than Mass Effect 2. More strange looks, still, when I talk positively about games like Nier, Lost Planet 2, and Kane & Lynch 2 over those like Fable 3, Red Dead Redemption, and so on. I’m used to it. It’s not like I don’t understand why people like some of these games. Mass Effect 2 is a well-made space opera that brings fond memories from an abundance of 70s-onward science fiction source material that is close to a lot of gamers’ hearts. Red...

New Project: Civility 1

New Project: Civility

I’m going to start up my game of the year posts soon, but I also wanted to post my first screen shot of the new project I’m working on: Civility. This is going to be a decent-sized project and, unlike my last four, more of a straight-up game rather than another attempt at mechanically expressing an emotion or state of mind or anything like that. Civility is, at the high-level, a customizable shmup set during the “civil war” (thematically and conceptually, not temporally) with the structure of a Monster Hunter game. discussion on viagra2013usa get more information

Balance Source Release 2

Balance Source Release

Around a year ago, I released the first of what became four straight particle-only games in Unity. The game, Balance, was both my first attempt at a more rapid design and development cycle as well as an attempt to treat a game as a very focused expressive piece (kind of like a short story). Balance is also still my only attempt to make a one-button game ever and, aside from Broken, it is my favorite of the games I’ve worked on independently. Anyway, point is: someone recently asked me if I would release the source for any of these recent...

Next Up 0

Next Up

I haven’t neglected this site, I’ve just chosen to go from a weekly entry to writing lengthy posts on more interesting, more well-considered topics. I’ve also been working on a few new projects. The next of which is this (and, no, there are no compression artifacts in the image): And aside from Halo Reach, ClaDun: This is an RPG! is probably going to end up being one of my favorite games of the year. published here

Inaccuracy and Stakes in Kane & Lynch 2 3

Inaccuracy and Stakes in Kane & Lynch 2

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, much like Kane & Lynch, is a remarkable and flawed game. The first half of Dog Days is a linear third-person shooter which treats its levels as a living space within which the player is constantly moving and adjusting his position as-necessary for reasons of additional cover, vantage point, or ammunition. The first two are nothing new for a current generation shooter; cover has been done to death by many a game. What’s fantastic, though, is how Dog Days works to recreate a big movie shootout: massive inaccuracy on both sides of an engagement...