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New Project: Civility 1

New Project: Civility

I’m going to start up my game of the year posts soon, but I also wanted to post my first screen shot of the new project I’m working on: Civility. This is going to be a decent-sized project and, unlike my last four, more of a straight-up game rather than another attempt at mechanically expressing an emotion or state of mind or anything like that. Civility is, at the high-level, a customizable shmup set during the “civil war” (thematically and conceptually, not temporally) with the structure of a Monster Hunter game. discussion on viagra2013usa get more information

Balance Source Release 2

Balance Source Release

Around a year ago, I released the first of what became four straight particle-only games in Unity. The game, Balance, was both my first attempt at a more rapid design and development cycle as well as an attempt to treat a game as a very focused expressive piece (kind of like a short story). Balance is also still my only attempt to make a one-button game ever and, aside from Broken, it is my favorite of the games I’ve worked on independently. Anyway, point is: someone recently asked me if I would release the source for any of these recent...

Broken 5


Broken is my newest game; you can click the above image to check it out. Alternatively: here. There’s also a Universal Mac OS X build and a Windows build. It is, to some extent, a game I’ve been wanting to make for a long time but, well, it ended up going in a somewhat different direction than I had always wanted to take that game. Oh well. The metaphor isn’t exactly what one might call subtle. It’s a strangely personal and yet impersonal game and I’m glad I finally got around to making it. And I owe a big thanks...

The Particle Trilogy 1

The Particle Trilogy

As a little break from Caper Corp., I finished a making a new video game this weekend. This one is called In the Wind. Much like Balance and Doubt, In the Wind’s entire visual style is driven by particle effects. Well 2D text too, but that’s only because making particles to represent text looked ghetto at the size I needed the text to be. In the Wind brings an end to the particle trilogy style of games I started back in December. This game would have been completed back in January or so, but unlike both Balance and Doubt, In...

Caper Corp.’s Got Stories (and Stairs to Connect Them) 9

Caper Corp.’s Got Stories (and Stairs to Connect Them)

Caper Corp. is nowhere near even approaching the mere concept of alpha, much less completion. That said, I like to write about the development of the games I’m working on from time to time. This is one of those times. Most of the work over the last week on Caper Corp. has been to get stair connectivity working. So, as it works now, I place Stair objects in every floor plan that I make in the editor. The Job system (the Job being my script classification for a high-level caper) then determines what level template to use, and the level...

Caper Corp. – Blueprint 1

Caper Corp. – Blueprint

There has been a tremendous dearth of content for my site lately. This is a thing that troubles me greatly. There are reasons for this, of course, busy at work, ladyfriend, some topics I’d like to write about but don’t entirely feel comfortable writing about, and a general lack of inspiration from the games I’ve been playing. This will change going forward, however, as my current games I’m tackling consist of Kane & Lynch (completed), Frontlines: Fuels of War, Haze (completed), and my much-adored Just Cause 2. I’m looking forward to writing about them, but that time is not now....

Doubt 3


Because I have deep-seeded mental issues and sometimes am prone to crazy bouts of productivity, I made a new video game (click to play!): Much like Balance, Doubt was done in under a week using Unity and an entirely particle-driven visual aesthetic. Since the last couple of games I’ve worked on (Magnetic Butterfly and Balance) were somewhat passive in their mechanics and heavily based on physics and movement, I wanted to do a game that allowed for somewhat more active play. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for shooters (both to make and play), but I knew...