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Opportunity 7


When I was finishing up what ended up being my second-to-last semester at the University of Michigan, I knew I was going to be a High School English teacher. That was my goal. The forthcoming summer was the first summer since my freshman year that I didn’t have to take two terms of summer classes. Since I was already pretty massively in student loan debt, I figured I’d a get job for the summer. The summer after my freshman year, I was scheduled to take an internship as a game developer at Stardock Entertainment but could not accept the job...

How I Got Into Games 14

How I Got Into Games

Every now and then it’s nice to talk about game development; how to get into it, and what it’s like to actually be a professional game developer after years of being a part of game development communities on the Internet. This post was inspired by a blog entry by the ever-fantastic Steve Gaynor. The entry is titled “Informative” and he discusses his approach to getting into level and game design from the perspective of someone who had no idea how to get into game development. It’s a fantastic read and is a completely different approach to the way I got...

Elemental: War of Magic Announced 4

Elemental: War of Magic Announced

The game I’ve been working on since I started at Stardock more than a year and a half ago has finally been announced. The game’s official site is at http://www.elementalgame.com/ and it contains several screenshots and pieces of concept art. Elemental is due out in February 2010.

A Digitally-Distributed World 0

A Digitally-Distributed World

As more and more developers and publishers realize the benefits of distributing their products online, more types of digital distribution applications have been created to benefit the cause. At this point in time gamers have their choice of applications like Impulse (a rebranded and revamped Stardock Central), Steam, Gametap, and EA Downloader (which is now simply the EA Store) and then digital distribution websites like Direct2Drive, Greenhouse, and GamersGate. Among gamers, though, the most oft-used and oft-mentioned means of acquiring new games is Valve’s Steam. First released in September of 2003 as little more than a means for Valve to...

The Political Machine 2008 0

The Political Machine 2008

I’ve been working every day (and what long days they are) for the last couple weeks on The Political Machine 2008 as we make our final surge to the game’s gold date and figured I might as well plug it here since I haven’t had time to write about anything else lately. My role on the game is primarily as a gameplay programmer (which has been awesome). Anyway, pictures:

Asplode! v1.2 Release 0

Asplode! v1.2 Release

For this update, my role in Asplode! was absolutely minimal. While I’m in the middle of a mild crunch for The Political Machine 2008 and then away at Rochester, New York for a Paramore concert, Josh was working asininely hard on version 1.2 of Asplode!. As started, my role in this update was purely peripheral as, in my spare time, I’ve been working on the start for Bipolar and taking some of Josh’s code for his game and turning it into a more generic library that both of us can use in our current and future projects (the library is...

Life as an Intern Game Developer at Stardock 3

Life as an Intern Game Developer at Stardock

Jump to: Introduction :: The First Day :: Three-Week Mark :: Personal Implications :: Conclusion Introduction As of now, I am officially a two-week-old intern programmer at the game development division of Stardock; a company most likely best-known for their Object Desktop suite of Windows desktop customization software (of which I believe WindowBlinds and ObjectDock may be the most well-known). Within the game development scope of things, though, Stardock is famous for their turn-based strategy series: Galactic Civilizations; the most recently released of which was Galactic Civilizations 2 and its Dark Avatar expansion pack. The company also developed The Political...