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Starhawk 0


As of tomorrow, May 8th, 2012, you’ll all be able to buy your own copies of Starhawk! I think you should do this.   I’ve been working on Starhawk since I left Stardock almost three years ago and moved out to Utah (and then to Austin). It’s been weird to freely talk about the game at all, but it’s even weirder to see the game in stores, ads, and the fact that people are a mere fourteen hours away from buying it and playing it themselves. My focus on the game has primarily been mission design/implementation, cut scene design, inner loop...

Starhawk 3


The game I’ve been working on as a designer for the last couple of years was announced last night; the game is Starhawk. The official site is at www.starhawkthegame.com and there are some good screen shots and videos there. Basically, though, we have a giant transforming robot. And here are some more screen shots for good measure:

Soul Diary, Souls 4-20 2

Soul Diary, Souls 4-20

[This post, the last of my Soul Diary, contains spoilers for the first two sections of the first world of Demon’s Souls] Life Two, Soul Four After my triumph against the Phalanx, I had some dough (souls) to spend. The one thing that sounded particularly appealing to me is upgrading my luck to increase the frequency and quality of the items that enemies dropped. To do this, I talked to the previously mentioned cute, blind goth lady who allowed me to buy increases in my attributes with the souls that I earned. I increased my vitality a bit but, mostly,...

Soul Diary, Soul 4 6

Soul Diary, Soul 4

[This post contains spoilers for the first two sections of the first world of Demon’s Souls] Life One, Soul Four After failing to properly heed the advice of the dead guy I watched fall off a narrow path and falling to the same fate mere moments later, my fourth soul respawned at the beginning of the world. Soul Four felt like a winner. I retracted my steps back to the narrow path on the outer side of the castle wall, regained my soul by touching the blood splatter where I had died (gaining back the money I lost by dying...

Soul Diary, Souls 1-3 3

Soul Diary, Souls 1-3

[This post contains spoilers for the tutorial and first section of the first world of Demon’s Souls] This face was the face of my introduction to Demon’s Souls. Then I made him normal again and we got on well. Life One, Soul One I took my more normal character and walked through the tutorial, adhering to the various concise messages plastered throughout. I walked, I rolled, I sprinted, I thrust, I parried and riposted. Then I learned about strong attacks and I enjoyed running up to various enemies and strong attacking them in the face. I then laughed as they...

Flower 5


Flower is a rare video game. For one thing, it has flowers. For another, no one dies. It’s a game where the player controls the wind that guides a lonesome flower petal (and its eventual flock of follower petals) through a game world in need of nothing more than some attention, love, and nourishment. Flower is also a game that is difficult to explain. In the most simplistic sense, Flower is about guiding a stream of petals from one checkpoint to another where each “checkpoint” is a flower in the landscape. Once the player’s petal stream touches a flower, the...

Playing Online Games on the Playstation 3 12

Playing Online Games on the Playstation 3

A handy flowchart for playing SOCOM: Confrontation: 1. Purchase game. Timespan unknown. 2. Unpack box and headset. One minute. 3. Be an idiot with gadgets and technology and not understand that a headset has to be paired with a given system. Five minutes. 4. Realize that scanning for devices for ten minutes doesn’t work because the headset isn’t in pairing mode. Ten minutes and thirty seconds. 5. Setup the device in pairing mode. One minute. 6. Attempt to launch the game and realize you need to install 2GB of data from the game disc. Ten minutes. 7. Put the headset...