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Games of 2010 1

Games of 2010

In years past, I would have dedicated an entire entry to each of the games that I liked the most over the span of a year, but I know I don’t have the time (nor particular love of that format) to do that this year. My favorite games of 2010, then, will instead be talked about in a long, rambly, largely unorganized list. I wish I could write entire entries about some of these games (and I may still at some point), but that’s unlikely to happen. So, for now, my favorite games of 2010: Jump to: Vanquish :: Bayonetta...

Stuff That is New 2

Stuff That is New

So, I haven’t updated this in about a month which may, actually, be the longest the site has gone without an update in years. I feel mildly bad about this. Not quite bad enough to write a proper entry, though, so let’s just sit down and talk. Persona 3 Portable is great. dqicks (Dragon Quest IX) is very close to being an incredible, light JRPG. It’s not, though, because like so many other games it has an ending which with a greatly disproportional difficulty spike and requires grinding that was absent from the entire game up to that point. This...