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Cubegasm Source Code Release 0

Cubegasm Source Code Release

Short story made shorter: I’m putting my XNA Action/RTS Cubegasm on hold. My framework isn’t nearly robust enough to make the kind of game I want to make and, since this is strictly a hobby project, I’d rather not have to put all of the gameplay on hold while I flesh out the necessary backbone in order to get to the “fun stuff.” I didn’t see this as a reason not to release the current code for the project, though. So I’m doing that. You can get the source package: here. It’s not a very big release. Nor a very...

Octreegasm 4


I assumed that it would be in poor form to have every single object in need of collision detection on a frame-by-frame basis to have collision tests performed against every object in the scene aside from itself I figured that now would be the time to add some form of spatial partitioning to my XNA engine/library/framework (Rawr). With that in mind I looked around for some articles on writing an octree component and stumbled upon a really rad demo by Fabio Policarpo. I then adapted that to my codebase, edited the code as I, in my infinite ignorance, saw fit...

Putin’s Head Over Alaska 0

Putin’s Head Over Alaska

I present Cubegasm progress in the form of a failed rim lighting experiment: As it turns out, six-sided, twelve-polygon entities don’t look so hot when lit. I also present bullets: And incredibly uninteresting class diagrams (only parental relationships; no containment ones):

XNA Game Studio 12

XNA Game Studio

Let’s talk about games and, more to the point, the making of games. I’m going to start a weekly column (here!) sometime next week entitled “Mechanics” where I’ll do my gamer/designer thing by choosing a game that I’ve been playing recently and analyzing a certain mechanic or set of mechanics that, I think, are remarkable in some fashion. But that’s next week. Microsoft did this really rad thing when they released the XNA Game Studio a couple years ago as a means of giving hobby game developers a means of creating games with a toolkit/API specifically designed for hobbyists that...

Cubegasm: Designing an Action/RTS 4

Cubegasm: Designing an Action/RTS

What I’m about to say should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, has talked to me, or reads my articles: my attention-span is lacking and I like being stimulated or challenged as often as possible. Take my obscene love for the Geometry Wars games; Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 (since that’s what I’m playing the most now) is like playing a constant adrenaline rush that is a millisecond-by-millisecond test of a person’s hand-eye coordination and always manages to make players feel like they’re executing Jackie Chan-like maneuvers through the tiniest, most impossible of situations. Getting a good...

Cubegasm and XNA! 6

Cubegasm and XNA!

Cubegasm seems to be my personal Duke Nukem Forever in terms of the number of development platforms it has made a cute little nest in. The project, which I was originally calling Bipolar (since it was about a gigantic manic-depressive, self-abusing, blob that was a weapon of mass destruction if its happiness levels got too low), started as an XNA project using Torque X; though, I was very unhappy with the state that the 3D aspects of Torque X were in. After that I moved on to trying a number of different engines as I had no interest in writing...