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Cubegasm Source Code Release 0

Cubegasm Source Code Release

Short story made shorter: I’m putting my XNA Action/RTS Cubegasm on hold. My framework isn’t nearly robust enough to make the kind of game I want to make and, since this is strictly a hobby project, I’d rather not have to put all of the gameplay on hold while I flesh out the necessary backbone in order to get to the “fun stuff.” I didn’t see this as a reason not to release the current code for the project, though. So I’m doing that. You can get the source package: here. It’s not a very big release. Nor a very...

Octreegasm 4


I assumed that it would be in poor form to have every single object in need of collision detection on a frame-by-frame basis to have collision tests performed against every object in the scene aside from itself I figured that now would be the time to add some form of spatial partitioning to my XNA engine/library/framework (Rawr). With that in mind I looked around for some articles on writing an octree component and stumbled upon a really rad demo by Fabio Policarpo. I then adapted that to my codebase, edited the code as I, in my infinite ignorance, saw fit...

Putin’s Head Over Alaska 0

Putin’s Head Over Alaska

I present Cubegasm progress in the form of a failed rim lighting experiment: As it turns out, six-sided, twelve-polygon entities don’t look so hot when lit. I also present bullets: And incredibly uninteresting class diagrams (only parental relationships; no containment ones):

XNA Game Studio 12

XNA Game Studio

Let’s talk about games and, more to the point, the making of games. I’m going to start a weekly column (here!) sometime next week entitled “Mechanics” where I’ll do my gamer/designer thing by choosing a game that I’ve been playing recently and analyzing a certain mechanic or set of mechanics that, I think, are remarkable in some fashion. But that’s next week. Microsoft did this really rad thing when they released the XNA Game Studio a couple years ago as a means of giving hobby game developers a means of creating games with a toolkit/API specifically designed for hobbyists that...

Cubegasm and XNA! 6

Cubegasm and XNA!

Cubegasm seems to be my personal Duke Nukem Forever in terms of the number of development platforms it has made a cute little nest in. The project, which I was originally calling Bipolar (since it was about a gigantic manic-depressive, self-abusing, blob that was a weapon of mass destruction if its happiness levels got too low), started as an XNA project using Torque X; though, I was very unhappy with the state that the 3D aspects of Torque X were in. After that I moved on to trying a number of different engines as I had no interest in writing...

Cubegasm’s First Dev Journal Entry 0

Cubegasm’s First Dev Journal Entry

In lieu of actually doing any development tonight I, instead, chose to write a gaming article (still no Metal Gear Story; I’m still thinking about that) and then a particularly-lengthyGameDev .net Daily. Now, since I’ve given up hope of getting work done tonight and have accepted the idea that Battlefield: Bad Company will dominate my nights for the next few days, I’ll write about what I’m actually working on for the moment. I’ve never worked on a project that had any sort of physics simulation occurring within it before; when I found out that Havok released their SDK that could...

Asplode! v1.2 Release 0

Asplode! v1.2 Release

For this update, my role in Asplode! was absolutely minimal. While I’m in the middle of a mild crunch for The Political Machine 2008 and then away at Rochester, New York for a Paramore concert, Josh was working asininely hard on version 1.2 of Asplode!. As started, my role in this update was purely peripheral as, in my spare time, I’ve been working on the start for Bipolar and taking some of Josh’s code for his game and turning it into a more generic library that both of us can use in our current and future projects (the library is...