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Sea of Dreams 4

Sea of Dreams

Bioshock was a game defined by its three major components: its streamlined, interconnected game systems, its standout narrative moments, and, most of all, the setting of Rapture and the meticulous level design that gave it life visually and systemically to bring the other components together. Irrational 2k Boston Irrational very clearly understood what made Bioshock unique on all levels. The combination of weaponry with plasmids and the trade-off of using one over the other formed a clever combat system which was constantly surprising the player when various elements combined in fresh ways or the level reacted to the player’s actions...

Video Games Need a Divorce From Hollywood 0

Video Games Need a Divorce From Hollywood

It seems like it’s time for the video game industry to grow up and realize that it needs to start producing games with the idea that the experience they provide to gamers is one wholly unique to the industry. I finally saw There Will Be Blood earlier this week and, after witnesses the absolutely mind-numbingly fantastic performance of Daniel Day-Lewis I came to a fairly obvious realization: games will never provide an experience as fulfilling, captivating, and, most importantly, truly captivating viewing experience as a movie like this. I don’t mean that a game will never have the ability to...

Of Bioshock and MxM Blocks 0

Of Bioshock and MxM Blocks

Well, it’s been a couple weeks, but I’m now fairly established in the new apartment and it’s absolutely fantastic. Though, aside from the move, the main other reason for the lack updates has, of course, been Bioshock, which is far and away the best game I’ve played in recent months The Bioshock thing brings me to my first point. I think that the one of the reasons that the game is as good as it is and is getting such a massive number of glowing reviews is that Bioshock has such a well-defined atmosphere. Sure, the graphics are great, the...