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Resident Evil 5 3

Resident Evil 5

In Resident Evil 4 there is this great feeling that you’re going to have to face an enormous giant (El Gigante) as you explore one particular area of the game. Eventually, El Gigante makes his appearance in the middle of a rainy night filled with thunderstorms. As Leon Kennedy runs from tiny shack to tiny shack, each one being swept effortlessly aside by El Gigante, the player begins to contemplate the futility of shooting this enormous, hulking monster with a pistol. In Resident Evil 5, El Gigante appears once again. This time around, Chris lets loose with his mounted machine...

Video Games 4

Video Games

Fable 2 and Far Cry 2 were both released this week and, of the year’s releases, these two are amongst the top three games that I was looking forward to playing. Having them both at the same time is fantastically confusing. I started off the evening continuing my Fable 2 game because I wasn’t happy with the wife I took last night and wanted to pull a mulligan and marry a better one in a different town and live together with her in a nicer house. So I did that. This one doesn’t seem as keen on pointing out that...