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  • Demo/E3 Mission [Primary Designer] Video
  • Mission 1: Homecoming – [Primary Designer] Walkthrough
  • Mission 5: Ballard’s Crossing – [Secondary Designer] Walkthrough
  • Mission 6: Train Robbery – [Primary Designer] Walkthrough
  • Mission 7: The Pit – [Co-Designer] Walkthrough
  • Mission 8: Ashes – [Primary Designer] Walkthrough
  • Mission 10: The Source – [Secondary Designer] Walkthrough

Video walkthroughs grabbed from YouTube; thanks MrHurriicane, RajmanGamingHD, and deanastley, whoever you all are.


Call of Duty 4: Escape

‘Escape’ is a single-player mission for Call of Duty 4 that tasks the player with breaking out of middle-eastern holding area and making it to an extraction zone. When the player wakes up in his holding room, the door has been unlocked and opened, and a single silenced USP pistol has been left on the table. From that point on, the player must stealthily get out of the building in which he was held and deal with an increasingly difficult and intense series of conflicts as he makes his way out of the city.

Initial Gameplay (First Two Segments) – This was taken at an early stage of the mission after the first two gameplay segments were roughly implemented:

Unreal Tournament 3: DM-Artifact (Alpha Release)

DM-Artifact is a somewhat large deathmatch map designed around the concept of a small urban area surrounding a lab containing a strange alien artifact. The primary goal of the level is to eliminate the chaos that is intrinsic to Unreal Tournament 3 when all players end up in a large, sprawling room and instead attempt to force players to constantly move throughout the level and engage each other in smaller, more frequent combat encounters. This is my first attempt at a multiplayer map in a few years and the first map I have ever built for an Unreal game using the Unreal tool set.

Alpha Release Notes: The map’s biggest problems are that the prototype was larger than what I would have preferred to design and the layout isn’t ideal for the kind of fast-paced, speed-oriented game that Unreal Tournament 3 is. The map attempts to funnel players into the major rooms via far-too-numerous hallways rather than being designed to allow players to transition from area to area in an organic matter. Where the map does succeed is in general level flow; the major areas of the map are interconnected to the point of there not being an “ideal camping spot” and the map encourages players to constantly be on the move in order to continually attain the major weapons and ammunition (none of which are in the rooms which are easy to camp). The map’s current release is an early alpha build that was cooked after the first detail, texture, and mesh pass done on the map; very few decorative meshes have been placed and a full lighting pass has yet to be done.

Gameplay Video: This is a gameplay video of DM-Artifact from an earlier alpha release: