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Broken is a game about survival. As a wisp, the player will set up defenses around a giant heart in the center of the screen to defend it against various types of enemies. The defenses are constructed by connecting two mines together (mines which can be used as explosives, individually). The player’s goal is to hold out as long as he/she can. The game was developed in about a month using Unity 3.0.

In the Wind

In the Wind is a game about natural economy. The goal of the game is to rebuild the tree, which is the source of all energy in the game. Enemies will come in and suck life matter away from the tree, and it’s the player’s job to stop them; unfortunately, the energy to attack them also comes from the tree, so time the preparation for the aura explosion well. If the tree gets to 0% life energy, the game is over. This game was the last (and, really, my least favorite) of the particle game trilogy, because it’s not a game if it’s not in a trilogy.


Doubt is a ring-based shooter (developed in under a week) with the goal of suppressing the constantly-growing doubt cloud in the middle. The cloud feeds off of the pegs that it spawns around it (and as the game goes on, it can spawn an increasing number of pegs). You must destroy these pegs to limit the size of the cloud; if you can stick a bullet to the peg, it stops firing and eventually explodes. If you can string together a chain of pegs in a single explosion, you get more points and do more damage to the doubt cloud. How long can you last?


Balance is a one-button game that was developed in four days over the course of one week. Your energy is represented by the brightness of the white energy ball; the darker it is, the less energy you have. You can gain energy by absorbing energy from the pegs (but you will take damage and lose a point if you directly hit one). Keep your energy high to gain points. And seek out hearts.

Magnetic Butterfly

Magnetic Butterfly is a game about a butterfly that was born with an enormous wrecking ball attached to his core physiology. The game chronicles the life and death of this butterfly as he attempts to knock enemies/point objects off of the platform. To do this he must utilize his natural powers of magnetism with the platform in order to target his wrecking ball at the physical manifestations of the butterfly’s emotions (anger is a mean one).

Hobby — Asplode!

Asplode! is a simple top-down shoot-em-up in the vein of the classic Robotron. A player is given three lives to score as many points as possible by continually asploding terrifying enemies like the quick-moving Kamikazygons and the linear-moving Bonzaihedrons. The one enemy a player has to focus on while playing is the Pentabomb which will create a gigantic explosion instantly killing all enemies in its radius and attaching huge score multipliers to their deaths. Asplode! was developed using XNA Game Studio and can be played on the PC or, if built with the available game project and source code, deployed to the Xbox 360 for fast-paced polygonal action on everyone’s favorite prone-to-red-ring console.