As of tomorrow, May 8th, 2012, you’ll all be able to buy your own copies of Starhawk! I think you should do this.


I’ve been working on Starhawk since I left Stardock almost three years ago and moved out to Utah (and then to Austin). It’s been weird to freely talk about the game at all, but it’s even weirder to see the game in stores, ads, and the fact that people are a mere fourteen hours away from buying it and playing it themselves.

My focus on the game has primarily been mission design/implementation, cut scene design, inner loop tuning/balancing, and writing a whole lot of LUA script for our missions, tools, and other systems. All things considered, I ended up working pretty heavily on five of the missions in the campaign. I also ended up doing a final (and in some case, last) pass of refinement/camera movements/scripted sequences throughout every mission in the campaign in the final weeks of development. It’s been a great project and we’re all super proud of it and hope y’all buy at least a few thousand copies per-person in your family.

More importantly, though, is that I think our team here at LightBox Interactive has accomplished something truly impressive and my coworkers are all totally ace.

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