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I felt that way about this little fella last night, but ALL MUST DIE! is also the name of the game he’s in. So, it works. It’s a game about you versus a bunch of other gods who have to use mighty god powers to guide your faction to an indirect victory.

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Pew-Pew Repewed

Added in a cinematic camera that would do its bestest to frame the best action going on in the scene from a variety of different camera perspectives (using locators placed on each ship). These are probably the last screens of this for a bit, while I’m off playing god and destroying low-poly humans in a different project.  

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Mild Technical Difficulties

My entire site’s WordPress installation mysteriously died as no result of any human’s particular actions. As a result: shit may just look wrong.

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Gravity Blot and itch.io

I just released a video game.  I’ve had Gravity Blot sitting latent on my computer for months now, so I figured it was time to just release the thing. You can play it here. It’s also worth noting that I’ve put a bunch of my other games/prototypes/demos up on itch.io as well. So you can check those out too.